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Matilde, 17, Aquarius and from Italy.
Muse,Radiohead,Marina and the diamonds, the beatles and more. manga,anime. Philosophy,History

Almost All True For Me

you know you are a true Italian when…
  • you cannot talk with your hands in your pockets
  • pasta is the fundamental element in your diet
  • a pizza with more than 4 ingredients is a mess, not a pizza
  • when you organize a dinner and say to everyone to bring “just something” you end up having stuff to eat for five days
  • espresso is the only reason you are able to stay awake during the day, and you began drinking it to survive your high school final exam
  • your biggest problem when you have to organize an holiday is “mountain or sea?”
  • you talk so loud it becomes sound pollution
  • you are genetically unable to pronounce English in a decent way
  • you live in the belief that every word you use is in correct Italian, then find out you were speaking dialect all along
  • you love political satire
  • legal age for drinking or smoking is just a matter of opinion, not a law
  • when someone mistakes a subjunctive you shiver
  • if you can get something for free you are willing to do nearly anything
  • you called your elementary school teacher “mom” more than once
  • if someone has a guitar, you end up doing karaoke session of every national hit since the ‘70s
  • your flag is green, white and red, but your national team’s color is light blue
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